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How can I get myself to STOP EATING?!
posted by A on 4/2/2008 @8:02:23 PM •
well... here's what i did. i suddenly realized that if i stop right before i'm full, i could eat again soon without feeling like a big ole bullfrog... whenever you're tempted to stuff yourself, just remember that food will still be around a few hours later. sounds silly, but it worked for me.
posted by jon on 4/3/2008
I know it sounds stupid but instead of trying to stop yourself just try something else. If you feel like eating pick small healthier things like apples and peanut butter, carrots and dip, cauliflower or broccoli. Veg out instead eating big or unhealthy foods.Also sometimes people eat because they are bored or lonely. If you are bored try taking up a new hobby like creative writing or scrapbooking. something to keep your mind busy and off eating. You can also keep a journal.
posted by Jessica (age 19) on 4/6/2008
take vitamins... eat small portions than you usually will and if you need to snack chew gum or buy special K bars
posted by Zaya on 4/6/2008
like 3 years ago i finally realized i was fat lol....185 5'4" I started running and stuff to lose weight, so i tried finding something like supplaments and i found some stuff called Soy Protine and it curbs your hunger...doesn't taste too great but way better then eatting all the time :D I would try finding it if i were you. and its soy so its not like ur carbing up.
posted by MaChew (age 18) on 4/6/2008
I have the cure!
If your hungry eat.
but when you eat, do nothing else. No tv, no raido, no talking, no nothing.
Eat whatever you want, but eat it slowly. Chew your food ALOT before you swallow.
When you eat savor your food. Pay attention only to it.

If you do this you will find yourself full long before you usually are.

Warning: May lead to extreme loss of weight. May cause a surplus in sexiness.
posted by Michael (age 18) on 4/8/2008

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