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""Why am i in this position again!?!""
As brief as i can be: I started dating this kid when i was 14, he ended up being my 1st love. we dated for 4 years. 2 years in2 the relationship he joined the military. i stayed w/ him for anotha got HARD & we grew apart. we split up and i began dating my current b/f a few months later. so, now we have been 2getha for almost 3 years. I LOVE HIM WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!!! but here's the deal: once again, i am alone.... this one is in jail & has been for 5 months. it sux & i dont know how to deal. i know i won't cheat or anything like that, but it is frustrating! i miss being cuddled, kissed, held, etc. here is where it really becomes complicated: he mite be there til the end of '09 and i recently met this guy whom i get along w/ very well & am attracted to. I cannot handle long distance relationships but i love my boo so much i cannot live without him. what the **** am i gonna do? Please help me :(
posted by Karrisa (age 21) on 4/2/2008 @11:31:36 PM •
hey sweety, i know exactly how you feel! when i was 17 i dated this guy for two weeks and then he went to prison. it was puppy love and of course i said i'll wait for him. he was only suppose to be in there for 3-6 months! but time passed and i missed him so much. but i met some other guys. so i dated other men. he didn't know but i cant say it was wrong. he was in there for 2 years! how was i suppose to wait for somebody i barely knew. when he got out, i told him i was in a serious relationship with Charlie (my husband now)!! and yes he was furious. he still hates me to this very day. but oh well, i found love somewhere else. i felt that I've done something that i needed to do.

you do what you feel is right. you knew him for 3 years, i only dated my ex for 2 weeks.

if you really love him and your afraid that you might find someone else, then write him and tell him how you feel! tell him that there may be possibilities and so no body gets hurt then "we should have a open relationship or don't ask don't tell" just be honest with him.
see how that goes, at least then he'll know that you'll be there when he gets out.

posted by jeanie (age 21) on 4/3/2008

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