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well i am in a relationship with the "to good to be true," guy every woman should be weary of! I wait tables for a small Chinese restraunt. A regular that comes in at least twice a week gave me his number and told me to call him. He is a really nice interesting person. How would you figure out what to do if you were in this situation?
posted by rene (age 18) on 4/3/2008 @11:35:02 AM •
Too good to be true? Maybe, but how are you going to know if you don't give it a shot. Your obviously interested in the guy. But what do you have to lose? He came to you, not you to him anyway. So the sure thing here is to just continue something that most people will miss because of shyness. Don't let that get to you.
posted by Rick (age 20) on 4/3/2008
Well, if your current bf is so effin good then stop trying to mess it up. Tell the regular that you'd go out w/ him if you werent in an already great relationship and see how he reacts. If he gets ill then you dont need him anyways. If he gets depressed then tell him he's really nice and interesting but that you're in love w/ someone else and it wouldnt be fair to any of you. And lastly, if he's okay w/ it then problem solved.

Good luck and that's what the Survey Says!
posted by Survey Says (age 19) on 4/3/2008
... well if u like him u should so go 4 it... it wont hurt
posted by jessica on 4/3/2008
Too good to be true?.......If he treats you good and you are happy. Then dont mess that up. Were all looking for happiness.....I know your curious but if its meant for you and the mystery man to be together one day then you will until keep him as just a friend. And be true to your good man! Which might i add are hard to find now a days! .....
posted by liz (age 18) on 4/5/2008

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