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"serious or seri'ass' ? ha"
so ive been seeing this guy who is 25 (and im 18) for about a month and a half or so now and im not looking to jump into anything serious, but im just unsure of what he really wants. im not sure if hes just doing it to "get some" or to actually be with me cause he likes me. he told me he likes me and hes not using me but he just doesnt want to jump into anything serious and not to get crazy on him. but hes always texting and is somewhat shady at times. maybe im being nuerotic ? i guess im just scared of being used because thats a horrible feeling, but anyway, when we're together everything is great. i just have this feeling it's not real. but i dont know what to do, if i should keep seeing him or maybe not see him as much to see how he reacts? help me?
posted by uhh (age 18) on 4/3/2008 @12:07:13 PM •
yeah, well, see, the thing is that you say you're not looking for anything big so why is what he wants or that he's shady at times such a big deal?

Maybe he's seeing someone on the side but you havent set rules against that so you shouldnt worry. If you're just in it for the noncommittal then let him act shady if he wants because you have just as much right to be shady as he does.

You could try the less time treatment but be advised that if he actually does care that he could take your avoidance as a sign you dont care anymore and it might turn him off but I think that you might wanna just try and talk to him and feel it out. No sense in being rash.

That's what the survey says =D
posted by Survey Says (age 19) on 4/3/2008
i say follow your gut. if somebody seems shady... they usually are. most of time, you feel that for a reason...
posted by jon on 4/3/2008

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