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"whats really wnated"
What do you think guys really want in a relationship for it to last a long time?
posted by laura on 4/3/2008 @5:20:11 PM •
Communication is key, you have to be able to listen as well as be open and share what you are feeling. A lot of times us girls talk and openly share what we are feeling and forget to let the guy express his feelings and concerns.

Trust is very important, you can't have a relationship without trust. Trust him until he gives you a reason not too. Don't snoop through his e-mails, drawers, mail or anything else, it will make him feel resentments and like he is being backed into a corner.

You should be completely honest and open, somethings are private and you may not feel like you want to share everything but there are a lot of things that if you are in a long term relationship your partner should be aware of.

Space is also important, everyone needs time for just themselves and when you don't give a guy his space it can make him feel trapped.

Don't expect to much of him, setting high standards of the perfect guy can make him feel like his is not good enough for you. Guys usually do the whole roses, dates and movie thing early on to win you over once they are comfortable they tend to stop, it doesn't mean they don't love you it just means they know they have you and they don't have to go out of their way to impress you anymore.

Long term relationships are hard work and take constant commitment and strong communication, you just have to be understanding of your and his needs and keep feeding positivity into the relationship.

posted by Stephanie (age 21) on 4/3/2008
Communication of course. An outgoing personality don't be scared to show him the real you, putting up fronts never works eventually they see the real you and wonder where the person they met went so don't change it up. They want to know when things get serious your constantly thinking of them with little notes cute texts little things show more than they put out. Be reasonable give him space if he wants to hang out with the guys let him if he wants to have lan parties or watch the big game join him even if you don't like the team. Try some of his interest. Always make sure he does the same for you too. And don't jump to conclusions before you talk him make sure the story is straight before you jump all over his back.
posted by Zaya on 4/6/2008

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