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"i cant figure out a way"
well i turned gay in the 7th grade i just never told any one and i finnaly told people and i just cant seem 2 tell my parents ... i can figure out wat 2 say
posted by jessica on 4/3/2008 @6:06:13 PM •
Theres not much i can say on this situation but i will try. Your parents love you veryy much whether they act like it or dont...When you tell then it will hurt them theres no doubt about that.But they will get over it and accept it on there own time. But you have to tell them its better to get it out now then to let them find out later on down the line. They will be more understanding now since your so young also. It will be ok i promise you praying for you..

Your Friend
Chris Williamson
posted by Chris Williamson (age 18) on 4/5/2008
Well, Jessica, i guess the best advice for you depends on what precisely the problem is. If you can't tell them because you are afraid of judgement, you've just got to stand up, and respectfully announce that you have made your own decision for your own life, and hope they can accept it. If the problem is feelign that they will be hurt or ashamed or react in some other negative way, then you've got to communicate very clearly to them that you are who you are, it's not a bad thing, and they have no reason to be upset. If they love you, which i'm sure they do, they will learn to accept, and even appreciate your feelings. if you have a girlfriend you are close to, that you fele can help you, ask her if she will help you tell them. for a lot of g/l/b people that seems to help tremendously.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/11/2008

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