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"Right person?"
Who is the right person? I ask girls out, they ask me out. But its seems i usually get annoyed really quickly or they don't seem to care to much. maybe its just me and my stupid brain. It seems i just cant find the right somebody or maybe i really don't want too.
posted by Adam (age 19) on 4/3/2008 @6:17:19 PM •
You probably dont want to find some one quiet yet, and thats okay... when u meet the right girl u will know
posted by Paul (age 21) on 4/3/2008
It's not you and you're 'stupid brain' you simple havn't found the right person yet, and you shouldn't necessarily go out looking for them either...getting annoyed quickly in a relationship is usualy the result of a personality clash that wasn't obvious at the beginning, I suggest that you don't focus you attention on the fact that you havnt found the right somebody and let them find you said you may not be ready for a serious relationship just yet and that's more than just enjoy life how it is and you never know what's just round the corner.
posted by Gina (age 17) on 4/11/2008

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