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"my friend"
Ive been friends with this guy for a while now and we've become best friends. I love him with all my heart but now i think im falling for him..I dont know what i should do. If i go for it i could lose my best friend but if i dont then i have to live with seeing him bring home girls..His family loves me and i dont want to lose anyone in this...
posted by Amanda (age 18) on 4/3/2008 @6:45:21 PM •
trust me ... been there and done that... it never works out... ya he may seem great and nice, but its better to keep him as your friend... take it from some one who has done that
posted by amber (age 18) on 4/3/2008
I have a good friend that fell in love with her best friend and they have been together for 2 1/2 years. You may never know but just make sure his heart is there too catch hints then make your move.
posted by Zaya (age 18) on 4/6/2008
If he's a good friend than he should be able to support you if you explain to him how you feel. You need to make him aware the you don't want to lose his friendship but at the same time you had to tell him how you felt because it was starting to get to you. If he doesn't feel the same than he should still support you fully as a friend.
posted by Gina on 4/11/2008

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