relationship advice (post new situation)
"my man in Iraq!!"
I domt want him over there! He is going to get himself hurt. He wont talk to me about wat is rong with him? I need help....
posted by Bethany on 4/4/2008 @7:06:57 AM •
Alright, Hun listen.

My Brother is in Iraq right now for the ANG. He's been there for over a year and i know exactly how you feel, But there isn't any way to prevent him from going there without hurting him in the long run.

This is what i do when i get worried about him: Think of the benefits!

1: He'll make a crapload of Money when he gets out whether it be for signing up in the first place or finding an AMAZING job because he has Army experience.

2: He'll make worldwide friends and have worldwide experiences that he could never have at home.

3: He'll gain a boost of self confidence and feel so much better about himself for doing what ever he does.

4: Most of the job that are over there are Applicable here too. Feild nurses come back and can get their medical Doctrine and work as Highly paid doctors. Catch my drift?

Just keep your head up and pray for him every night. Keeping him in your thoughts is the best way to support him, Even if you don't agree with him being there in the first place.

Take care, and may he come home safe.
posted by Amy (age 19) on 4/6/2008
Ok. If you tell him every time you talk to him that you don't want him over there you want him home stuff like that isn't good at all he wants to hear what is going on with you he's home sick enough and you telling him all that makes him not want to open up about what has been going on with him because he may not want to hear what you have to say because of the way you are acting. He wants to hear that you support him and assurance that you are going to stick out together what ever life throws at you. My boyfriend is in the military also and he's been in and out of Iraq Afghanistan and other places.
posted by Zaya (age 18) on 4/6/2008

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