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"what you meaqn you cant?"
this girl i liked i told her i liked her and she said i cant have a bf, i said i understand you dont like me the same, she says its not like that. How do i take that? then she acts like she does around and acts liek she doesnt. i guess you could say its when ever she needs someone she comes to me. she is the type of girl that doesnt tell me things and keeps it inside. Should i waqit around for her if im willing or is it a lost cause?
posted by kyle (age 19) on 4/4/2008 @7:14:42 AM •
Your in the friend zone I take it. Good luck with that! Happens to the best of us! Girls like to be treat inasense badly. They like the tough guy imagine. Also love the sweet guy. Girls IMO are lost there selves.
posted by Oldschool (age 22) on 4/4/2008
tell here what you think is going on.
ask her if she really needs/wants you around or if ur really just a friend.
if she says she doesnt know..
idk. wait a few more weeks.
then well, u could tryand kiss her.
if she lets you..but leaves soon.
then u know she probley likes you but is embarresed,
but if she pulls away quickly. read her expression.
the answer lies in that...
posted by David (age 16) on 4/4/2008
If you and her are meant to be then it will be. Dont wait for someone that doesnt want to be with you. Yea be a friend to her thats always nice, but it sounds like to me she is playing games because if she didnt know what she wanted she would say that right?.....Or it could be that she doesnt like you like that and doesnt want to hurt your feelings. But until she can be real you do you! Dont change the way you are to her but dont give her all your time. Dont make someone a priority when you are just an option!
posted by liz (age 18) on 4/5/2008
Sometimes when a girl "cant" have a boyfriend .. its because shes scared to fall for someone. and from my own experience, she may find it hard to let u into her life as shes been hurt in the past in some way
posted by Charl on 4/5/2008

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