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"i miss him."
i had been going out with this amazing guy for about 7 months and we were like best friends. everything was perfect, and we did so much together (if you know what i mean.) he is 3 years older than me, but that never stopped anything. everyday, it was a new excitement. until last week. he said he was confused about our love, and we had our first real argument. but we agreed. we didnt wanna break up, but after the fighting, we knew it would be weird. we tried one more day, and it didn't work. we broke up last wednesday (one week ago) and we talk kinda, but i think of him all the time. i do not know what to do. i swear, he was the one for me and i really want to go back to that relationship. i dont know how he feels, but according to everyone else..he misses me. and he says it sometimes. i know i should tell him, but how? what should i honestly do?
posted by heartsick (age 15) on 4/4/2008 @1:40:42 PM •
Hey! It hurts to be broken up with but look at it this way whats meant to be will be. Your still young you have your whole life ahead of you! Yes you might love him but if hes loves you as much as he says he does then you will get back together. Dont bug him or call him all the time either give him his space that may be all he needs.....Just give it time and if eventually he doesnt come around. Start dating new people. When and if you do that you might come to realize whats meant and what isnt.
posted by liz (age 18) on 4/5/2008
um heartsick honestly i know exactly where ur coming from i was in a similar situation i'll tell you mine and then i will give you my advice for urs. Me and my bf had been datin for going on 6 months when he got a lil scared and asked for a break but we were still together i did'nt think anything of it except that i called his house one day and his mum was like no hes not here hes with some other gurl so i got her cellphone number and i called her and spoke with him he was like i'm with her now were all done. So i got really depressed not only that but valentines day was that next day so i went into a state of depression and i all i cud think about was him one of my friends called me one nite and was like ur bf is in trouble he still loves you and is acting stupid so i was like i need to go see him the min i got there i will remember what he looked like till the day i die he did'nt care how he looked he had'nt shaved or anything. so i went into his house and at that moment we fell for each other all over again when we kissed it was magical and we have been together since he plans on proposing to me soon so the advice i cud give you is to be true to yourself and say what's in your heart you never know he might have the same feelings but is afraid to tell you look what happen i never gave up on me and my ex bf when i met him i knew he was the one i was going to marry so all i can say is be true to urself bc if i had'nt been true to myself i would'nt be happy right now and if i had'nt made the first move to tell him we both wold have gone through life not happy so just be true to urself ok
posted by HANNAH on 4/5/2008
wait untill you have stoped hurting.. i dated a guy for 3 years and once u get past the hurt of being broken up.. thats when you see if you really miss them and if the relationship is worth it.. when u are broken up you tend to think of all the good times and forget that bad things that happend... my x and i got back ot gether and broke up a few times but once you have been broken up it never works again... you only go downhill.. but we have a great frinedship still and just remeber... good things fall apart so better things can fall together! trust me my boyfrined is amazing!!
posted by kira... (age 18) on 4/6/2008
and for hannah who psted that! are u silly woman! he cheated on you and thetres no excuse for that grow up and find a good guy who will treat u right or u will regret it!
posted by kira (age 18) on 4/6/2008

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