relationship advice (post new situation)
"what do i do?"
Im kinda heartbroken at the moment. Im in love with a guy friend ive known for just over two years. Ever since the first day i met him, i fell for him. Hes always had a girlfriend though, and she was REALLY jealous of any of the girls who come out with us. Anyway, cut a long story short, he fell out with her a few weeks ago. We all went bowling and he was drinking ... he didnt wanna go home after so we went for a drive and then back to my house. We were just sat on the sofa together and he grabbed my hand and cuddled into me .. by this time he had sobered up .. so we were just talking as friends do .. and he went and kissed me ... i kissed him back cause it was something ive waited for for aaaggeess. and it was so perfect. we kissed and cuddled for hours and hours and ive never been so happy in my whole life. few days later he got back with his girlfriend and shes texting me askin "what the **** is all this about u and 'him' kissing" .. so i just ignored her. few more days later shes collared me on MSN saying he told her it was just a peck and it meant nothing and that he wont speak or see me again and he will keep away from me!!! I was MEGA heartbroken. how could he say that?! i decided if he was going to be like that then ill ignore him too .. so whenever hes been out ive kept away from him and talked to other friends and blanked him. on wednesday of this week it just got too much for me, and as he was driving away i shouted "i ****in hate him so much" to a friend and he gave me a hug .. and i think my guy heard what i said .. because later on the night i got a text and offline msn message saying how sorry he was ... we had a little conversation and he really did seem sorry for what he did and he said he never meant to hurt me and ruin our friendship ... turns out hes finished with his girlfriend aswell for good. but he wants to get back with an old girlfriend .... what do i do? i want to be with him, but i dont know how he feels for me. i dont think he realises just how much i feel for him either. and i dont think i can tell him and risk losing a friendship again .... someone please help :( **sorry for the essay lol!! i thought it might be easier if i told the full story :)**
posted by Charl (age 20) on 4/5/2008 @2:30:14 AM •

I understand exactly what your going through i went through the exact same thing with the girl i first went on for 8 months. First Sweetie you cant make the move he has too..If hes not intrested as hard as it may hit and hurt you, you have to move on. You seem like a very sweet and intelligent girl. If he cant see that its his lost sweetie!!! There are millions of guys out there.Someday one of them will be YOURS and only very lucky guy he will be too im sure!!!

Im always here for ya if you need anything my myspace is

Your in my prayers!!

Your Friend
posted by Chris (age 18) on 4/5/2008

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