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"hopelessly in love"
me and my girlfriend have been together for 8 months and now her mom is jealous that she dont spend enough time with her and im not allowed to see her. they have taken her car and phone away from her and keeped her locked up like a prisoner, they say that she is is not allowed to ever see me again and if she tries that she will be sent off to boot camp for 12 weeks... what can i possibly to get her back? she wants to get out of that house but she is only 16, what can she do?
posted by in love on 4/5/2008 @7:34:03 AM •
Sometimes parents can't accept that their children have grown up and tend to feel neglected when they don't see them as often. It's hard for them to accept that their little girl has found her first love and they are probably worried about the actions that may follow her feelings of love for you..........Furthermore they worry that if they do let her see you and then she gets hurt that she will turn around and blame them........The only thing she can do is sit her parents down and tell them how she feels about you and that she feels she is mature to cope with the consequences of having a relationship and that she didnt mean to make them feel neglected in all of this.......secondly she can't just tell them she is mature enough she needs to prove it whether it be around the house or helping parents out etc the usual kind of thing and when she has proved herself then she should be allowed out in no time =]
posted by Gina (age 17) on 4/11/2008

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