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"past his past"
ok so heres my deal. i have been with my fiance' for a year and a half. ive known him for a little longer than that. before we started dating i fell hard for him...and i knew he liked me too...the only problem we was really big into drugs. finally i told him me or the drugs. he decided me...but he has had a few slip ups in the last year and a half. hes asked me marry him and i have said yes but i cant seem to get his mistakes and past out of my mind. he has forgotten all about my past but with him slipping up a few times a cant forget his. we just got our own place and hes says ever since we have lived here (since nov) hes been clean. he said he has learned from his mistakes and wants to be with me and doesnt want to lose me to drugs...what should i do and how do i get past the past??
posted by Brittany (age 18) on 4/5/2008 @5:38:26 PM •
I guess you rally can't I had done something in the past my boyfriend hasn't forgot about for almost 2 years and it's just always going to be there because your not sure yourself how much he truly loves you to make sure he never goes back to that even after so long. Your mainly scared that if he does you'll know where you stand. You need to talk to him about it and take all your feelings and lay them out or else that weight will never go away. Tell him to assure you he loves you it doesn't have to be big even the little things canl assure you.
posted by Zaya (age 18) on 4/6/2008

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