life advice (post new situation)
my bff likes my boyfriend and i think he likes her to but i don't want to lose my bff if she gets mad at me but i dont want to lose boyfriend so idk!!!!
posted by kelsey (age 14) on 4/6/2008 @4:13:52 PM •
I went throught something simular i like my mate for 4 yeasrs and never tiold him when i did my best mate decided she liked him they are togethre now i honest i could care everybody moves on .. i know you love him so maybe you should talk to them but if its each other they want im sorry theres not much u can do id leave them and move on

if ur mate picks a guy over you it not a mate

Hoes over bros!
posted by Kai on 4/6/2008
she's not your friend if she likes you boyfriend and is trying to take it further........and you boyfriend isnt worth it if he persues a relationship with her. talk to ur bff n ask her if she likes him.........if she says yes say to her that if she was to get with him that she would be jepordising a lifetime of friendship for nothing and that she should have more respect for you and stay well away from your boyfriend.
posted by Gina (age 17) on 4/11/2008

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