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i have been with my boyfriend since jan 9 07 and i love him with all my heart my friends and family absolutely hate him say he doesnt treat me right and that i can find better, we have only had sex once and it was on our 1 month anniversary, i only see him about twice every 2-3 weeks, when we talk on the phone we only talk 5 mins max, i cheated on him 5 months ago and told him about it and we took a break and in that time he posted a personal ad and he just took it down about a month ago and just idk its alot of stress and its drving me insane i love him, but i dont feel much love in return wat should i do if you have aim you can im me at ponypalz12 yahoo angelanov13
posted by angela (age 19) on 4/6/2008 @8:30:24 PM •
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