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I have feelings for a guy. I've liked him for 3 years. He is dating a girl that called herself my "best friend" correct me if I'm wrong but a real friend wouldn't do that. Anyways they've been together for about a year now. I know that I should probably just get over it and move on but I still kinda hope that me and him will get together. It's just so hard to give up hope. I feel like I matter to him and all because we still talk but we don't talk as much as we use to and I feel like whenever his girlfriend gets mad at me he gets mad at me too. I've been really stressed out about their relationship...the only reason why I told her I would be ok with them dating is because he has the feelings for her that I have for him. I don't want him to get hurt, I want him to be happy. She has cheated on him twice and he has changed so much since he got with her. To me he doesn't even seem like the same person. I want him to be happy and it doesn't seem like he can be happy with her because she has hurt him badly. I don't know what to do anymore because I think that he could be happier with me but now I don't want to be with him because he isn't the same person that he was when I first fell for him, she has changed him in a negative way. I just want to feel better about the whole situation. I'm sick of thinking about him so much and I don't think he even thinks about me anymore.
posted by Chanda (age 19) on 4/7/2008 @6:49:43 AM •
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