relationship advice (post new situation)
"so hard...i really need help now.."
i posted a situation about a month ago saying how i didnt know if i should stay with my "abusive and selfish ex justin" or "the shy-guy who makes me ohh soo happy, seth", and im happy to say, ive chosen to stick with seth. justin is wayyy upset about the whole situation and can hardly beleive ive left him behind. i still love just though..just not in that and seth are getting soooo close. even though our busy schedules keep us apart, and we only get to see eachother about once or twice a week...i love him. however, just recently..i found out hes moving an hour away to san diego. im so upset, and dont really know what to do with myself anymore...i only have about 3 more months until hes gone...i need to know what to do, before i go nuts. help?
posted by Sarah (age 18) on 4/7/2008 @11:17:17 AM •
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