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"shop loses my monitor."
I put my monitor in a shop called cash generator for 28days, you must buy it back or lose it within 28days.When I went into the shop within the time limit on my ticket I was told that they had lost my monitor, the problem is before they checked to see if the monitor was there they immediately sold me my monitor back and said ok Ill just get out for you and then they came back and said they couldn,t find it so, I gave them more time to try and find it but they still can,t find it they said it was lost, after making me wait five weeks they then said all they can offer me is a monitor out of their shop which has no warranty or guarantee and I know nothing about its history as opposed to my own monitor I bought that brand new from currys electrical.Is there anything I can do or do I have to accept their offer.
posted by francis mccluskey on 12/23/2007 @11:07:45 AM •
If you are in the right and you came back to buy your monitor back within the time specified and the agreement (which you should try and get a copy of ) states that they must sell it back to you and to no one else then NO dont accept their offer. you need to go and find out the price of your monitor and send them a letter stating you want it replaced. (make sure u make copies of everything) If however they werent allowed to sell your monitor and they did, then your entitled to what they received from it. the pure fact that they "lost" your monitor is crap you want to demand your monitor back and or payment for a new one. Ask to have a look at their poliy for lost items that cant be reclaimed and make sure you talk confidently and decisively to the manager of the store. If you be polite and nice he may give you what you are entittled. If it was me i would be in there in the managers face and if he dosent comply to my polite suggestioning then id start to threaten them with legal action or fix it now type of attitude cause thyre rippin u off
posted by jessica on 12/29/2007

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