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"no hug"
ok well, me and my boyfriend have been going out for a month, and we havn't even hugged yet! and i really wanna hug him, but i think hes to nervous. what shuld i do?
posted by paige on 4/7/2008 @1:32:11 PM •
nervous about hugging?? has he never hugged people before? honestly, if that's the case then i'd say he's got some personal issues he needs to figure out. hugging is a normal and common way people show affection toward each other whether they are family, friends, or dating. i'd say if you know he's okay with hugging people in his family or close friends, then just hug him already!
posted by elisa (age 19) on 4/7/2008
you don't have to do take this advice, i just thought i'd give you an idea..
Hug him! Take the risk. You're probably right, he's just too nervous, and maybe thinks you don't want to hug him. I'm sure, if you hug him, he will understand then that you want a more serious relationship, and might start taking risks, just like you did!

Good Luck! <3
posted by Jordyn on 4/7/2008

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