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"his problem"
my b/f is sendin pix of himself to other gurls and is sendin messages i dont like he says he loves me and i believe him but i dont know wat to do bout his problem
posted by flo (age 18) on 4/7/2008 @1:38:41 PM •
ok well i would say...confront him about this problem..and see what happens. try to do your best to figure out everything.
posted by paige on 4/7/2008
The same thing happened to be with my ex-boyfriend. He went as far as to tell another girl that he loved her. So I would say to sit down and talk to him about how it is making you feel and how you don't like it. If he cares about you he will respect that and stop. If he doesn't then he is not worth your time. Life is too short to waste your time with a guy like that.
posted by Katarina (age 19) on 4/8/2008

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