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"being alone"
So Im in college now and I have never had a serious relationship. I am a very funny guy and get along with almost everyone I meet. My friends don't understand how I don't have a girlfriend. I'm smart, athletic, funny, charming, yet girls don't seem to notice. I feel like I will never find someone and as I watch friends beging long lasting relationships I will be stuck in the dark. What should I do?
posted by Jeff (age 20) on 4/7/2008 @4:55:52 PM •
I used to have your same problem. I never had anyone but then one day I met my current boyfriend when I stopped looking for someone. I was the type of girl who would look at everyone else and wonder what was wrong with me. It is not anything that you have done, Jeff. Just enjoy what you do have and don't worry about always looking for a girlfriend. What is supposed to be will happen and just like that you will meet that prefect girl for you when you least expect it.
posted by Katarina (age 19) on 4/8/2008
Dude, we're totally sympatico here. I've never never even held hands. I'm going into the military and i'm not gonna have any stories for my sailor friends. but i dont let it get me down. yeah - it hurts. and it makes you wonder what's wrong with you. but if you're really like me i'm guessing that you'll be able to see that there is nothing wrong with you. you are who you are. you just have to wait for your time. it will come. just keep yourself open to finding someone, and take chances. the only thing worse than waiting for something is giving up on it and then never getting it.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/11/2008

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