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there is no respect in my family constant arguing im only 16 and have alot to learn. but i think its unfair that any time i make a mistake i get the wrath of it all. i dont drink or use drugs. i have As and Bs and never come home too late. im a cheerleader, and my parents just say i have that cheerleader mentabally that all i care about is myself. what the truth is i really care for others that myself. i am always taking care of others and helping any one in need. Everytime im in my house there are arguments about anything. i perfer to be away, but whats family if you cant even be around eachother for 5 mins without arguing. i got yelled at for an hour because i was sick with pneumonia and i washed my sheets before the comforter, i figured it makes since do tha then put in in the dryer then back on the bed then the comforters will be drying so then i can put them on after, but apparentally thats not the right way to do. i seriously cant do anything right or impress then at all. my family is constant arguing and i have no way to control it! any one else in the position?
posted by sam (age 16) on 4/7/2008 @5:52:12 PM •
My husband has been in the same situation all his life. It's not your fault nor is it your problem. It's not easy to realize but you are not doing anything wrong. Yelling about the sheets and the comforter is their way of taking the attention off of their own problems. Whether it is financially or romanticly there are problems that are not being worked out properly, hence all the fighting, and yelling at you is just misdirected anger. Hold your head up and know that when they get mad at you they are really just mad at themselves.
posted by Jessica (age 19) on 4/10/2008

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