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"fighting for my man"
my ex-boyfriend is with someone else now. but i still love him, and he still loves me. i made some mistakes, but we both want eachother back.... he wants me to fight for him, but i've never had to fight for a guy before. i don't even know where to begin. i don't want to be a 'mean girl' and i don't want to loose my dignity. but i WANT to fight for him. how do i do it?
posted by emily on 12/23/2007 @11:09:32 AM •
well... i'm not exactly sure what he means by "fight," but... if i had to guess, i don't think he means "fight" as in "be really mean to my current girlfriend." i'd think he means "prove you're interested." he may need to see you're not going to make the same types of mistakes as before, or maybe he just wants some kind of attention from you. surely he doesn't want you to literally fight...
posted by james on 12/23/2007

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