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"My BestFriend's boyy."
So.. here's the story. My best friend has liked this guy, for as long as i can remember. She talks about him all the time, and sounds totally in Love. But, he would never go out with her(even though she is his age, and I am two years younger.) I've been friends with him for like, forever. Now she's moved away, )': and i'm dating this boy. I haven't told her. I really don't know what she will say.. I just don't want her to hate me.. She's my best friend. I feel like such a b*t*h... and i dont know how I should tell her, and its just getting worse the longer we go out. It's killing me that my best friend doesn't know. Have any idea's on how to break it to her?
highschool.. ughh.
posted by Jordyn on 4/7/2008 @8:30:04 PM •
next time you talk to her--if you guys still talk
ask her if she's datin anyone//or likes anyone
try to see if she still has feelings for him
then slowly let it on her--like gradually
like sayin that you hung out
or talked to him
idk --
good luck
posted by Annie (age 16) on 4/8/2008
First of all you need to tell her. Just tell her the truth as nicely as you can. Tell her that you didn't mean for this to happen but you and the boy are together. You didn't do it to hurt her but you saw something there between you guys. Then make sure to tell her that the right guy is out there for her and just be very supportive of her. She will take this hard but if she is a true friend she will understand. Also if you two are around her as a couple I would just be really nice when it came to PDA around her because she may be having a hard time with it.
posted by Katarina (age 19) on 4/8/2008

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