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"losing a boyfriend AND a friend"
I recently split up with my boyfriend (and now can't stop thinking about him, normal I know) but because we share a lot of the same friends I'm worried that things might be awkward between us all. Also, as I was friends with him for over a year before we got together, I'm worried that I might lose a valued friend for good...
posted by Jennie (age 15) on 4/8/2008 @2:33:53 PM •
Well Jennie,
I would suggest talking to him breifly and calmly state that you care about him and you would like to keep your friendship if at the very least a tolarence of eachohter for the sake of your friends
posted by Michelle (age 20) on 4/9/2008
Hey Jennie,

You need to talk to him about what's going on. If he knows how you feel then he will understand and help you. He probably feels the same way about you and is afraid that he is losing a great and supportive friend. If you really cared about him you'd talk to him.

I can say this because i recently split up with my girlfriend. She is a great person and i am still trying to fix the friendship we had before we dated. I see her as a person i can talk to about anything and she wouldn't judge me for what i say. The friendship and the trust we had between each other means everything and one day we'll be able to talk like we used to. I wish that she and i could get together and discuss our friendship and what we need to do to strengthen it. So, just talk to him and tell him what you're feeling.
posted by Thomas (age 16) on 4/9/2008

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