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"y do ppl olny know how to hurt u????"
well it seems like everything is going down hill. in fact i would say it was like this for about 2 years now but now its getting worse...... life gets hard and i dont know what 2 do... it seems like everybody hates me in my family and that nobody ever cares about what goes on in my life and it just hurts but ill never amit it ..... my family wants me 2 go to a coununsler and im refuseing to ........ what should i do??????
posted by Norma (age 17) on 4/8/2008 @3:04:36 PM •
I believe that it is time to get some help, you should follow your families wishes to see a therapist. Your family seems to care alot about your well being to want to get you help. As much as it seems that they don't. You might have somethings about you that you don't know that scare others away. You might even find peace within yourself if you go. It is also important that you find a therapist that you can be comfortable with.

It would also help to have someone to talk to constantly. Also, it would be a good thing to sit your family down and tell them how they make you feel. I mean really lay it on them and don't hold anything back. If it makes it easier on you do it individually, but holding back how you feel or what makes you feel that way will make you go crazy.
posted by Amber (age 20) on 4/9/2008
when your our age life is a big ball of ****.. coverd wiht some good times! things rnt easy.. i dunno if ur american or not.. but im australian so trhat means.. im 18 and legal to do what i want.. but!!! i have my hsc this year witch is the hardest thing ever!!!!.. i shud be studing now!!... i lost my dad a few months ago.. i had a long temr boyfrined for 3 years who cheaded on me and used me and was a ****wit! but in the end i go to sleep at night noing that ive got good mates.. and your life only has as much drama in it as u cause! so make the most of being young it wont last forever and no matter what.... its not the end of the wolrd :).. good luck!! i hope u start to think more positivly! :)
posted by kira (age 18) on 4/9/2008
and just a lil hint there u said ur family dosnt care but they want u t see a concillor.. dosnt that show you they want you to be hapy again.. they care!!
posted by kira (age 18) on 4/9/2008
Norma, i don't know if you'll see this or not - your post is about a week old, but if you do, i definitely agree that seeing a therapist AND talking to your family are the best things you can do. in any situation involving your relationship with your family, communication is what will fix it. or at least get some kind of resolution. communicate with your family, and communicate with someone who can help you straighten things out.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/14/2008

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