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"No Life Without Love"
Ok so im 18, in college now, and wanting to get into a serious relationship. Never really been in a "Serious" relationship. Problem is every girl I even somewhat like has a bf, or dosent seem to be intrested. Im a pretty good guy, dont look half bad. But no matter what I do, just cant find love.
posted by Michael (age 18) on 4/8/2008 @5:17:41 PM •
Your young and love will find you when your Really ready
posted by Michelle (age 20) on 4/8/2008
I know you may not think so but girls while they are young do not always make the best decisions on who they should date. Girls like bad boyz and guys who treat them like ****. Its sad but its the truth .. Not to say that all girls are that way but the majority want the "hot,sexy,crazy,cool...badguy" when they are dating.

Best advice I can give is DON'T LOOK FOR LOVE LET IT FIND YOU. When you look for it, majority of the time you are looking in all the wrong places whether you realize it or not. Not saying that you shouldn't make any moves b/c all great relationships started with someone speaking up...but what I am sayin is wait until someone comes along that you are physically attracted to, can have a good conversation with, and shows signs that they feel the same way about you. It may not be easy to see but there are always hints. If it comes to you then you know that it was meant...if you look for it there's a good chance it won't last long anyways.

Hope this helped.
posted by Kirstan on 4/9/2008

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