life advice (post new situation)
all i end up doing in life is screwing things up and hurting people and it just happens and i hate it soooo much
posted by will (age 18) on 4/8/2008 @5:30:36 PM •
We all hurt people some times and thats life apoligize and MOVe on. life is mixed up and hard let me know if i can help ****
posted by Michelle (age 20) on 4/8/2008
well this might sound mean but it happens because you let it happen. to me it doesnt sound like you want to be different. if you hate it do somthing about it. if you think you are screwing things up something to make your self happy. saying how much you hate your life doesnt do anything but make you sound whiney... its up to you to do things different...
posted by Corey (age 21) on 4/12/2008

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