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"holding hands"
I've dated this girl off and on for quite some time and well I like her and everytime we've went on dates we've had a great time, well I'd like to advance our friendship a little a little advice please, I'm horrible at this stuff so....
posted by ARchie Bunker on 12/23/2007 @2:33:45 PM •
well... in my experience, a girl will send you some encoded messages, and you have to decifer. but most of the time, if you pay close attention, what she wants is fairly obvious. for example, i once had a friend that said, knowing i was within earshot, "every time a guy becomes my friend, he tries to make it more than friendship. i hate that." even though she wasn't speaking to me, i knew that information was intended for my hearing... so when it's okay with her to advance, it should be nearly obvious it's okay... although - you could take a chance and speak up or make a move. but then you take the risk of running her off...
posted by james on 12/23/2007

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