life advice (post new situation)
"nothings right"
ive had a normal upbringing and have a normal family. but im not happy. i struggle to see anything good in my life. my friends never seem to want to be with me anymore and because im not good at opening up they just get really annoyed when i cant say whats wrong.
whats worse, my best friend always gets everything. everyone likes her and im always 'the friend.' im never noticed and im scared of being forgotten. i dont want to be centre of attention constantly, i just dont want to be left alone.

whats wrong with me?
why cant i be happy?
posted by charlotte (age 15) on 4/9/2008 @12:35:50 PM •
Hunny...I know this is hard for you. Struggling to find where you belong in a world that seems like it is leaving you behind. As a teenager in highschool I found myself in the same situation. I always felt like no one wanted to spend time with me and everybody else had everything that I wanted. I completely understand what your going through.

Truth is...Its highschool. While your struggling to find yourself everyone else already has or thinks they have. You don't have to tell everyone your problems but if you hold them in the longer it will take to solve them. You need to have a confidential person (not like a friend but like a parent or counselour) that you can talk to, so you can get everything off your chest and not seem so sad and have to fight everyone who keeps asking you. Do not let this bring you down. If you honestly don't think you are happy with anything you need to tell someone b/c that could mean alot more than just teenage hormones; however, in your case I truly believe that is what it is.

You need to relax and live life to the fullest. Who cares if not everyone likes you? I know that there are some people who adore you whether you see it or not. People don't have the slightest clue as to who is fun to be around and who is not at your all's age...they are just focused on a thing I like to call the "cool factor" which is dumb, yes! But its highschool you can't help it.

It'll be fine just try to loosen up and just have fun living life the way you want to live it. <3

Hope this was helpful in someway.
posted by Kirstan on 4/9/2008
Simply put you're bored with your constant spiral of a life it seems. What I can tell you is this, SHAKE THINGS UP! You're 15 and unhappy, that's not good. It would be best for you to find a new activity, hey look into something that interested you and never thought of doing before. If anything find something that will make you happy. Do scrapbooking if you want, take a belly dancing class, join a club you thought was cool. DO SOMETHING!

Also, it would be best to start talking and if you can't talk about your feelings start writing things down. Or even you could start a thing with one of your friends that if something is wrong you talk about your feelings right then and there. Have some talk time with them, I mean get all the distractions out of the room and talk to them about everything even if it seems messed up.

You can't start healing relationships until you try. Trust me it can make you happy.
posted by Amber (age 20) on 4/9/2008
You sound depressed hunni, I have been depressed before and its not nice and nor is it easy to deal with. The only way I felt I could deal with it though is to open up even if it is just to one of your close mates or just to one person and having that one person there for you then helps you see more positive things in your life. I found that setting myself goals for myself gave me a more positive outlook on life too, I now never take anything for granted and take each day as it comes, you sound like you are ok at home and appreciate it because some ppl have horrible home lives and believe me we all don't realise how lucky we are and I know when you feel down you pretend like you don't care but imagine life without them and you will start to see the positives :) I hope my advice helps and I hope you feel better within yourself soon xxx
posted by Katie (age 19) on 4/9/2008

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