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Im in love with a wonderful women,but I can't figure out the right time to ask her out. We've been friends for almost two years, and just recently we have actually started hanging out by ourselves instead of with a group, talking to each other on line and on the phone. We both have a good time,together. I think of her as one of my closest friends, and to be honest therin lies the problem,im in love with her and I would like to start a real relationship her,but I don't want to ruin the awesome friendship that we have. Another problem is that all her previous relationships have left her weary of serious relationships. Man im confused. On one hand im in love and on the other I trule value he friendship. Im so confused. What should I do.
posted by will (age 20) on 4/9/2008 @12:58:17 PM •
Friendship and love can transgress so many lines that it is hard to understand. One thing that you have to remember is the greatest romances start out as friendships! You have established a great foundation with this girl and it is apparent in the way you wrote this. The best thing to do if you really love her, is to try having an evening where you explain yourself. Since it seems like her past relationships have been a problem, you might want to start out talking about how you are feeling.

Girls do like to hear what a guy has to say, and you might be surprised to see her listening. If she doesn't want anything more than friendship the best thing to do, is to stick to her wishes. After all if it was meant to be anymore you might find yourself in a great relationship.
posted by Amber (age 20) on 4/9/2008
ok well. i have this best friend and he was my closest best friend and we did everything together..and then i feel in love with him, and i took the chance of asking him out..and he said no, and we never changed..and then he feel in love with me, and i said yes, so we went out for 1 year and it just ended, but we were still the same as before we started going out! nothing has changed. so i think you should take the chance of asking her out, cuz most likely your friendship will still stay in contact
posted by paige on 4/9/2008
Wow. Are you sure you aren't me? lol This is so familiar. Will, you gotta tell her. Show her how much you care about her. She might reciprocate your feelings, she might not, but if you are both mature and you care for one another it probably won't ruin the friendship. Change it? Sure. but not ruin it. Not if it's real.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/11/2008

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