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"Love vs Love"
Ive dated this girl on and off for like 2 and half years. Weve broke up because of the fact that shes cheated on me and then i did against her. But even after all of this we still love each other and recently got back together for the fifth time. But i gave up on another girl i had met and fell in love with and actually had a shot at fresh love. But i knew what i had with my first girl.

But this new girl and i are madly in love with each other but its hard because i am in love with the first girl, and she is someone i see myself with the rest of my life.

Any direction ??
posted by Michael (age 18) on 4/9/2008 @3:35:23 PM •
Maybe you do LOVE the first girl.
this may sound bad, but..
once a person has cheated, you can never trust them again.
there are certain people that will gain your trust back..
all you can do is hope she'll be one of them.
i'd give the new girl a chance.
It's really your decision on which girl you choose,
dont let the past relationship influence your decision..
just matter what you do, and no matter what happens,
life goes on, and you have to move with it..
its the way it works..
you might find out neither of these girls are the one for you.
you just have to be patient.

good luck.

*jordynnn; (:
posted by jordyn on 4/9/2008

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