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Ok i dated this guy who i love dearly. As much as one person can love another. Anyways we started dateing about 6 months back and we fell even harder for one another because it was the type of love at first sight/childish puppy/true love type of deal.Well about a month after the relationship started he got deployed to IRAQ and then everything stopped. NO emails. letters/ calls. nothing. So i called his cel hoping i could get someone on his family to tell me whats going on and i get this women who said that he was married and she was with his wife and child. So i broke up with that and was having this really tough time.

So i was watching this one movie called Message in a bottle and i get really sad so i call his cell and got his half brother who had his cell phone to use until my ex got back. He told me that My ex wasnt married and didnt have any children at all. And that my ex was injured about two months back. I freaked out. And i really love my ex boyfriend but should i get back with a military man who never calls/emails/ or write letters to me?
posted by Sarah (age 20) on 4/9/2008 @3:58:48 PM •
uhh first off you need to talk to your ex and ask him why he dosnt talk to you. you really need to get the story straight! and then go from there
posted by rebecca (age 18) on 4/11/2008
well, if you really do love him (and it sounds like you do) you need to do some digging and get the real story, and try to get in touch with him if it is at all possible. it sounds like he means that much to you. and as far as him not keeping in touch, i have heard that it isnt that uncommon for that to happen. some guys dont want to mix war with the "real world". some people just dont know what to say. but definitely: find out the truth. and then follow your heart from there.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/11/2008

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