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"in a VERY sticky situation.."
so, i've been dating my current boyfriend for almost 7 months now and i love him, but there are times when i really cant stand him either.. on one night that me and him were fighting i was talking to my best guy friend and he basically said that i dont deserve that "bs" and that i just need to take a break.. the very next sentence he says he wouldnt mind dating me.. also, my ex basically confessed his undying love for me too.. and i know i still love him too.. i just dont think its worth it..? what should i do?
posted by jenn (age 18) on 4/9/2008 @5:55:03 PM •
At the age of 18, undying love is about as strong as a broken reed in the wind. Your friend obviously wants out of the "friend zone" and has likely had his eye on you for a long time. I would give him a chance unless you are really ready to start looking for a real (marriage material) relationship and think your ex might be the one.
posted by Andrew (age 19) on 4/10/2008
Im saying this in the nicest way possible. you cant be "in love" with 3 people at 1 time. only one at a time works. so therefor you dont really love anyone at all. i think you should go with the best friend because he probably knows most about you and you feel comfortable talking to him already! just trying to help :)
posted by Jordan (age 17) on 4/10/2008
All right, Jenn, being the oldest person so far to have responded, let me say that i disagree with aspects of both previous responses. i think it is possible to love more than one person at a time (because i've done it before and it was no picnic), but what i learned from it that if you really think about it, you'll figure out which person means the most to you. that, and, at 18, love has a different meaning. the older you get, the more you'll discover that love isnt what you thought it was in high school. as your life changes and your pyche evolves, you might just laugh to think of the way you felt when you were 18. what i'm saying is, its easy to have these feelings. its not easy to manage them. but if you do some real thinking, and talk with the parties concerned, you'll figure it out.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/11/2008

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