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"what should i do "
ok so there is a guy that lives across the street from me and i really like him and he likes me but he has a girl friend and a baby but he is always flirting with me and we have kissed and that has just made it harder on me cause i cant be with him untill him and his girl friend brake up and i just dont know what to do im so confused
posted by ashley (age 17) on 4/9/2008 @6:50:20 PM •
Girl if he has a girlfriend and especially a baby you dont touch him. Just kissing him was terrible on your part because it automatically made you the other woman. If he flirts you need to tell him to back off cause my best bet right now is that you're just something he wants on the side. Turn him loose before it goes really bad. Besides, if he has a baby obviously he isnt the smartest cookie in the jar so being with him might get you in the same situation no matter how smart you are.
posted by Jessica (age 19) on 4/10/2008
ashley i can 100% relate to this just my situation is a little worse than yours, my friend lives roughly 10 feet from my front door, she is engaged, and has a 2 month old baby, her fiancee lives with her and her mom and their baby, back in december i ended up cheating on my fiancee with her fiancee it is the biggest regret i have in my life, i told my fiancee about it in feb and he gave me another chance, i just told her about it maybe a month ago and she refuses to believe it happened if you are friends with both of them id sit back and think about their relationship is there actual love between them, when u see them together do they seem happy, i mean every relationship has problems but all in all do they seem happy, and think about the baby, would u really want the baby to have separated parents because of you? if you want to talk to me you can if you have aim instant message me at ponypalz12 or if you have yahoo messenger you can instant message me at angelanov13
posted by angela (age 19) on 4/13/2008

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