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"ex complications"
so my ex and i had been broken up for about 7 months, and he had been dating another girl for about 5 months. i always knew he still probably had feelings like this for me, but i sort of put that thought aside so i could get over him. i was getting pretty good at ignoring all the leftover feelings i had for him.. our breakup wasnt really complete.. we were still totally in love. then one night i got a text from him, saying he missed me and some other more personal stuff. he told me he was tired of his girlfriend and he wanted me back, and thought it surprised me, i found myself wanting him back too. i didnt promise anything for sure, and the next day he was going to dump his girlfriend. but then he didnt... and he spent the next 2 days telling us both how he needed time to choose. i waited, but then one night i asked him about it, and he freaked out, saying i was trying to ruin the good thing he had going on, and i was a huge backstabber to the girl he was dating. he said i ruined everything we could have had. he told me he didnt give a **** about me [excuse my language].. but he still cared about me. those 2 dont usually go hand in hand, but idk. i just feel like a horrible person, and i cant stop thinking about what he said.. things feel so unfinished, i dont know what to do...
posted by alexandra (age 15) on 4/9/2008 @7:38:15 PM •
He's playing you and her. He texted you saying he missed you and didnt want his current girlfriend and then couldnt decide and then accused you of trying to come in between them. He's stringing you along, keeping his options open. I would ditch that one before you get caught in the wrong end of a triangle.
posted by Jessica (age 19) on 4/10/2008

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