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"i'm not dating her!"
alright... so this extremely plain young female had been highly interested in me for a long time. eventually i hit a dry spell and invite her over, we make out and she start going off about how she is a virgin and blah blah blah. anyways i didn't have sex with her... she lives in another town... and she now somehow thinks we are dating... and she has told nearly everybody as far as i can tell that we are a couple... THIS IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! my normal reaction would likely be rather assinine and unpleasant for her... so anybody got any ideas on how to let her know what is up without being a ass about it.
posted by Andrew (age 19) on 4/10/2008 @6:56:48 AM •
Tell her you didnt mean it like that and inviting her over was just a one time thing. Then, so she can save face and not be completely humiliated let her tell all those people that you just broke up rather than having to tell them that she misunderstood the situation and blew things way out of perportion. This way you nip this thing in the bud and she's not shamed. You both win.
posted by Jessica (age 19) on 4/10/2008
you gotta talk to her, man. set things straight. but while you're doing it, think about this "plain" girl (by the way that's not necessarily a nice thing to remark on if its irrelevant) as a human with a heart. as logn as you do that, you can keep yourself from saying something that will hurt her. think about if you were her and she was you. how would you want her to do it? the trick is to just be honest without saying anything offensive. i do it all the time when i talk to people i have problems with. ultimately honesty comes first, but if you think about what you're saying carefully, and be considerate, she probably won't be hurt.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/11/2008

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