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"x showed up after 6 yrs"
i haven't seen my highschool love since well since highschool and he just walked into my job and gave me his phone number and i am in shock, freaking out and in a relationship! The whole half hour he was having lunch i didn't even know how to breath right..Seeing James just blew my mind! Plus James' boss and i are supposed to be having lunch Saturday as a date but now i don't know if i should(want to)?
posted by Cecila (age 19) on 4/10/2008 @10:31:20 AM •
You have to use your head not your heart on this one. What do you get out of seeing James? It has been six years, a lot of things can change. Make sure you don't move your life around to please him. I suggest letting him do the work until you know for sure what you want. Take as much time as you need.
posted by John (age 19) on 4/11/2008

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