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my b/f just broke up with me and is dating someone else but he tells me he still loves me and i still love him too but i dont know what to do cause my bro keeps messing with him and he is gettin fed up and so am i
posted by stephanie (age 18) on 4/10/2008 @3:50:54 PM •
well, if he is dating someone else after breaking up with you, then he doesnt love you as much as he said he does. my advice, forget about him.
posted by andrew on 4/10/2008
hey i seen this many of times (not done by me) he is just saying that so when his current relationship fails he has something to fall back on to and he knows he has you locked in his hands...
posted by chris (age 19) on 4/10/2008
if he really still loves you, he knows what he needs to do. he needs to lose her and make an effort to put thigns back together with you. if he doesnt do that, forget him - he's not being sincere. and if he does, great! talk to your brother and get things straightened out. but ultimately if you two are going to be 'you two' again, he's got to get it together and make an effort for YOU.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/11/2008

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