relationship advice (post new situation)
i have a hard time meeting and talking to new people, girls mostly. i just dont know what to say, and i tend to overthink everything like what will they think of me? do they like me? did i make a good impression?
posted by Andrew on 4/10/2008 @5:56:24 PM •
Hey bro...My opinion is that you are too worrried about what a girl thinks of girl you meet or want to talk to just do it with confidence and be yourself...if she doesnt like you for you then move on to the next one....there is somebody out there for just have to find them...keep in touch with me on myspace....
posted by Tony (age 19) on 4/11/2008
andrew, i feel you. insecurity is a huge roadblock for a lot of guys. t keeps us right where we are, and doesnt let us go anywhere we want to go. ultimately, you have to learn that you are your toughest critic, and you'd be surprised to find that people probably like you more than you think. i believe that there is someone for everyone. but you've got to be willign to look. make an effort. do it for you. make your own success by accepting yourself, improving where necessary, and sharing yourself. get out there. do what feels good, what feels natural. girls like guys with a sense of themselves. and if they are too shallow to see what's good about you, then they probably aren't the right choice anyway.
posted by joe (age 20) on 4/11/2008
just don't worry about it! try not to care what ANYBODY thinks of you. just be yourself. girls like that(: have confidence in yourself.. maybe your just a shy person, and, thats okay.. alotta ppl are like that. but dont let it control you! and if some girl happens to not like you, dont put yourself down.. just know that, that certain girl just wasn't for you.
sometimes we dont know what to think of guys.
so dont give up totally.. (:
good luckk!

posted by Jordyn on 4/11/2008

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