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my life is falling apart and comeing to gether all at once i saw some people from my old town and i just lost a close friend, my boyfriend broke up with me im not emo im not punk i cant find my plce in the world wanna get away far far away from home my mom always says im a mistake cause im always gettin suspended so cant put up with any of this drama any more i wanna runaway to my old town forever miss all my friends
posted by mariah (age 14) on 4/10/2008 @9:27:40 PM •
honey, you're 14. you need to slow down. you're most likely in highschool or about to graduate 8th grade correct? things are going to be changing for you A LOT in the next few years. you're going to lose people that are close to you. that's life. but you'll gain new friends that will have your back. also, i know the feeling of wanting to run away. im a senior and i just recently moved out/ran away of my parents house. i'm here to tell you dont do it. its not easy being on your own. trust me on that one. just step back and take a breath, you'll be happier.
posted by jenn (age 18) on 4/11/2008

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