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"Still Friends? Healthy?"
I'm in love with my friend. She knows, but doesn't love me back. It hurts sometimes, but I value her too much to completely separate myself from her. She's one of my best friends. And as much as it hurts to not have her as a girlfriend, I think it would hurt more if she wasn't even my friend. Is this a healthy situation for me? Is my logic sound?
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/11/2008 @2:12:15 PM •
i definitely know what that feels like. i was in love with my best friend for 3 years and then i finally realized that he would never want me. i seperated myself from him and life has gotten alot happier for me. i've actually fallen in love with a great guy who loves me back. i hope that helps =)
posted by jenn k (age 18) on 4/11/2008
ok well i have been in your shoes. and take it from me.... true love can not bee seen where it truly doesnt exsist and nor can it be hidden where it truly does. im sorry to say this but, if she cant see how great you are, then she never will. i know it doesnt seem fair but you just have to stick it out and someday you will find it. i never that i would find it...but i did...
posted by Corey (age 21) on 4/12/2008

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