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"Friendship Trouble"
I just moved to this new neighborhood. I met two friends, Sam & Melissa. I have been there for a month now. And right now, they are treating me like i'm dumb and I just need help. I already had a fight with them before. Please help. What should I do? I feel like nobody understands me! I wish I had a sister!
posted by Sarah on 12/23/2007 @3:01:04 PM •
that's awful! i have a horrible time explaining what i'm thinking or feeling, and sometimes it makes people react like sam and melissa. they end up thinking i'm a "special needs" guy, and i feel really dumb about the whole thing... i've had two good routes when this has happened to me before: 1) explain that you're having a hard time saying what you want to say, and that what they think you're saying isn't quite right. and just try to say it in a really nice way, so the other person doesn't feel dumb. 2) at least for now, just don't talk about whatever it is they're not understanding. everything will get normal again, and maybe you can bring it up later.

by the way, it's really normal to feel like nobody understands you. every single one of us feels that way sometimes, some more often than others...
posted by james on 12/23/2007
mabe its worth doing something for yourself and showing them that you have interests and hobbies and you arent dumb your being yourself. If they are being mean to your face the best thing you can do is say to them you dont have to be mean and walk away because they might stop and have a think about how they are treating you. the other thing is that think about the reason your friends in the first place and mabe your feeling llike this for no reason? mabe they are closer to each other than you? If you feel like they arent being loyal friends mabe talk to another kid or another person in your street and see if they are nicer and hang out. that way they see you are moving on fromn their stupidity. if your doing something and u want them to come dont b afraid to stuill invite them.
posted by jessica on 12/29/2007

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