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so my best friend wanted to date me.. but im still with my boyfriend. i actually considered it for a while but then i realized that i want to stay with my bf. i told my friend and he get really pissed.. i dont know if i should be angry that he has the balls to be pissed at me or upset that our friendship basically just ended.. [im definitely feeling both..] any suggestions?
posted by jennifer on 4/11/2008 @7:11:43 PM •
this is very familiar to me, because in my own version of this that happened in my life, i was your friend. my friend was in a bad relationship, and knew i was in love with her, but chose to stay with her boyfriend. eventually they actually broke up, and i asked her out. she said no, i felt hurt and betrayed, i got mad, etc. etc., but the important thing is, we are good friends and we got past it. i understand your friend feelign angry. love does that. its not necessarily right, but it happens. and if you and your friend are true friends, and you want it enough, you can patch things up and maybe he can be okay with how things are. the key is communication. honesty, kindness, understanding, and openness. make sure you understand one another, and see if things can be better. i'm sure they can be - you've both just got to try.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/11/2008
ok well...i was in a similar situation before but i was in your friends shoes. i wanted to date my best friend. he didnt want to date me because he was with another girl and he thought we were better just as friends. i got mad. and i was mad for a long time. but then eventually i found someone else to date that i am happy with and now i also have my best friend back. so what i am saying is that, he might be mad at you now, but eventually he will see that he can be happy with someone else. and he will see how you really are better as friends. it might seem hard now but if you guys are lucky like we were, everything will work out for the best. and last, anyone who ever said girl/boy friendships were easy, they obviously havent ever been in one.
posted by Corey (age 21) on 4/11/2008

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