relationship advice (post new situation)
"should i end it?"
i have been with my boyfriend since jan 9 of 07 and i cheated on him in december, told him about it in feb, we took a break for 2 weeks, everything was fine for a while after that but lately i hardly ever see him, i havent seen him since march 27th and now its april 13th lately we only talk 5-7 minutes at a time on the phone and only about 2-3 times a day we talk on the phone, i text message him all the time and never get answers, i keep blaming myself for it because of me cheating on him but everyone i tell that too they say the relationship was bad before i cheated and it isnt my fault, he is 15 years older than me and i fought so hard to get my family and friends to approve of us and well now it may be over and in the long run they were all right, and i know my friends are going to say i told you so if i leave him, i just sent him a text message saying we need to spend some time together i have stuff on my mind i need to talk about and i want to do it in person not through text or talkin on the phone i am so scared of losing him, i honestly dont think ill know wat to do without him, although technically i have spent the past few months without him already, i sent him an email about a month ago and i had told him i was sending him one and i know he has been online to read it because i hear him on the computer when we are on the phone, he never said anything in response but it pretty much said that i was worried about us and that i miss what we had and what we have right now hurts and that i loved what we had before ive asked friends if they think i should end it and they say i should but im just scared its a hard step and hard decision and i am terrified to do it i have anxiety and depression and he was the first guy i have ever cuddled with, kissed and actually felt something in the kiss, he was my first to have sex with, i met pretty much his entire family, we were even engaged, he met my family, i even had my 2 year old learn his name, i really have no idea what to do, someone please reply or instant message me as soon as possible on aim ponypalz12 or on yahoo angelanov13
posted by angela (age 19) on 4/12/2008 @11:56:17 PM •
sorry guys i was just proof reading this and near the bottom i meant to write i even had my 2 year old nephew learn his name... i do not have any children
posted by angela (age 19) on 4/13/2008
sounds to me like he's okay with the possibility of it being over. the only thing you can do is try to get him to talk to you, but if he won't, it's time to move on. i recently had to tell the same thing to my best friend's girlfriend. its not good for you to keep waiting on him to give you something he doesnt want to. so try as hard as you can to get him to talk, and if he won't, leave him. just like that.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/13/2008
thanks joe and i have talked to him he tells me he loves me and he tells me that the only reason y we dont see each other is cuz of work and we spent like 15 minutes together tonight and he said we are goin to hang out tuesday morning but i have no idea wat to do i felt NOTHING with him tonight
posted by angela (age 19) on 4/13/2008

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