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"the invisible man"
What is with girls? They say they want a nice, sensitive guy, who is decent-looking, smart, and funny. Now i'm a decent-looking guy, i have an IQ of 137, i've always had a healthy sense of humor and been able to joke with the best of them, and i go out of my way to show girls how much i understadn feelings and how much i care about them (often by giving them the kind of advice i give people on this website). But they ignore me. it's like i'm not even there. every girl i know is either single and "not dating", or with some insensitive, uncultured moron. I don't believe girls really do want nice guys. i think they like being hurt and disappointed. i think they like the safety of being able to predict their stupid boyfriends. aren't any of them being sincere when they say they want a nice man?
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/13/2008 @12:33:55 PM •
That is a good thought most girls like a little bit of a bad boy somtimes but the problem is that girls as young as we are don't seem to want to be treated right because they don't have a great selfesteem or self worth. Although there are many who Know they deserve better thats when you come in be patient it will all fall together
posted by Michelle (age 20) on 4/13/2008

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