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"She does something to me!"
Ok, so im a pretty (quiet) confident guy. But this girl I've been hanging out with is incredible, I usually know exactly what to say to women, I'm never nervous, I'm genuinely a people person. Now who knows why, but I haven't been in a (real)relationship since I was 14, but have been with alot of "friends" I guess? After all that.. this one girl, for some reason, I can't even make a move to kiss her much less tell her I want us to be "us" I have no idea what to say or how to say it.

We have a ton of things in common, and hang out every day. Gimme some help!
posted by J.J. (age 22) on 4/14/2008 @2:47:32 PM •
Hmmm... i think i understand. personally i haven't ever had this problem, but it sounds like maybe you should just tell it like it is. just ask her to talk one day, and just be direct. tell her what's going on. you dont need to dress it up. just say it.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/14/2008
okayy...from a girls point of view. i think youu shosuld just go for it bc if a girl likes a guy she wants them to make the first move on everything!!! and i kno your 6 yrs older than me and may think i have no clue what im tlkn bout but i do..and ive been in the situation where i liked a guy and knew he liked me but he never made the move so i just moved on nd i dnt htink youu want that to you should make a move before its too late,!
posted by teela (age 16) on 4/23/2008

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