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"unknown territory"
k there is this guy, and i just started talking to him this past year. i've never really talked to him before, and none of my friends talk to him. in other words, he is totally unknown territory. we flirt a lot, and i started liking him awhile ago. i cant tell if he likes me back, and i cant ask any of my friends their opinions since they don't know him. i just cant decide if i should go for it or not. I'm usually pretty confident and outgoing.. but when I'm around him i just cant think of anything. I'm scared of getting a reaction from him that i wont be happy with.
posted by lexi (age 15) on 4/15/2008 @10:14:25 PM •
Lexi, i've been IN LOVE with two different girls, and lost both of them before aything could come of it, almost entirely because of wasted opportunities. so i know that if you want something, or someone, you've got to go for it. even if it doesnt turn out right. i have to tell you for a lot of people that will happen about half the time. but don't be too worried. you'll get him or you won't, and either way you'll be fine - but if you want to get him, doing nothing is not the way to go about it.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/16/2008

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