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"HELP! ex- boyfriend on the move"
My ex-boyfriend from 5 yrs ago came back into my life. I was foolish when i was with him and he has offered me a second chance however, i am in a relationship and i know if i choose my ex i won't get a second chance with my boyfriend. I enjoy being with cody but i find my self wanting my second chance. What would help me figure out the best decision t make?
posted by Amy (age 19) on 4/16/2008 @11:28:27 AM •
Well amy i think your choice is simple. What's the right thing to do for you, for your boyfriend, and for your ex? If you care enough about getting that second chance to potentially hurt your boyfriend by leaving him, then you might do that. But if your ex isnt worth that much to you, then you might not. you just have to carefully weigh your choices and decide what the right thing to do is. someone's going to be disappointed and maybe heartbroken in any case, but you have to decide what you want based on what you think is the best.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 4/17/2008
Stay with your bf, there's a reason the other guy is your EX.
posted by Kevin (age 19) on 5/30/2008

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